Wine, liquor available on July 4th in TN for first time

Liquor stores and groceries can sell wine and liquor on July 4 for the first time after a new law was passed earlier this year. (WSMV file photo)


If you haven’t picked up any alcohol for the Fourth of July yet, don’t worry, you still have time.

For the first time you can buy wine at the grocery on the July 4 holiday. Liquor stores also have the option of being open for the first time.

A new law was passed earlier this year that allowed liquor sales on some holidays.

“Fourth of July is one of those busy holidays. People are out and doing different things, having cookouts and they want to be able to purchase wine on the holiday, and it was very confusing because they could purchase beer and couldn’t purchase wine,” said Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads. “Thanks to the new legislation they can come to the grocery store tomorrow on the Fourth of July and purchase wine.”

Before the new law, liquor and wine sales were banned on Independence Day, Labor Day and New Year’s Day.

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