Will Nashville Still Be a ‘City on the Rise’ Now That It Lost Its Rising Star Mayor?

Nashville’s charismatic mayor, Megan Barry, resigned on Tuesday, after a sex scandal that had been simmering for weeks boiled over into charges of corruption. When she admitted in January to an extramarital affair with Robert Forrest, the now-retired police sergeant who headed up her security detail, a local district attorney asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to discover whether the mayor’s conduct broke any laws. Read More

Marijuana, Guns Seized At Nashville Home

NASHVILLE, TN — A neighbor’s complaint led to the seizure of four guns and nearly three pounds of marijuana at a First Avenue home, police said.

Johnathan Robinson, 27, is charged with possession of marijuana for resale and firearm possession in the commission of a dangerous felony. He is also charged with theft as a Mossberg shotgun found in the home had been reported stolen in 2016, investigators said. In addition to the shotgun, police found a Kel-Tec shotgun, a 9-mm pistol and an AR-15. Read More

Layout Specified Luxury Apartments, Nashville

The layout of any apartment is the number one factor for buying any apartment. When one is buying luxury apartments, Nashville this factor should be especially considered. This is because of the fact that you need to know what you are buying and if that layout is beneficial for you or not. The layout should be decided to keep in view a lot of things. This includes the weather, the crime rate, the property value, the material used, your lifestyle, and most importantly the number of people who are going to live in this accommodation layout type. Read More

Lawmakers in TN talk marijuana

Two Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to make medical marijuana legal in Tennessee, but only in oil-based products.

Senator Steve Dickerson of Nashville and Representative Jeremy Faison of Cosby announced the bill’s filing Thursday amid wide support for medical marijuana in state polls. Read More

Deeply Facilitated Luxury Apartments Nashville

Facilities truly come handy but what if these facilities are deeply checked in your luxury apartments nashville? That might sound more of a dilemma but it is actually true. Deep facilities are no more difficult as deeply facilitated accommodations for apartments are here in Nashville. All those people who are extra careful about hygiene can now truly rely on people for their apartments to be extra shiny, clean and perfectly touched in all ways. Read More