The Ardent Cos. Pays $23M for Historic Bldg. in Downtown Nashville

The Ardent Cos., a group of companies operating as a privately held real estate investment and asset management firm, acquired the 78,000-square-foot historic building in Nashville, TN from a private investor, Robert Lowe, for $23 million, or approximately $295 per square foot.

Nashville Sash & Door delivered in 1906 at 150 2nd Ave. N. At the time of sale, the four-story office and retail building was fully leased to BB King’s Blues Club and Restaurant, Lyft, TI Connects, Joe P. Binkley Jr. Law Office and Huber & Lamb Appraisal Group.

Lowe, senior managing director of Cushman & Wakefield, acquired the asset in 2012 for $2.75 million, and the asset underwent renovations in 2016.

Seth Harlan of Robin Realty Co. represented The Ardenent Cos.

Please see CoStar COMPS #4113974 for more information on this transaction.

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Lawmakers in TN talk marijuana

Two Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to make medical marijuana legal in Tennessee, but only in oil-based products.

Senator Steve Dickerson of Nashville and Representative Jeremy Faison of Cosby announced the bill’s filing Thursday amid wide support for medical marijuana in state polls.

The lawmakers said they believe the change could benefit 65,000 Tennesseans. Patients would have to have certain medical conditions, from cancer to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The legislation would not allow use of recreational marijuana.

The National Conference of State Legislatures said 29 states have medical marijuana programs, which vary in form.

State Republican lawmakers have been split on the issue. Senate Speaker Randy McNally of Oak Ridge has opposed any kind of marijuana legalization. House Speaker Beth Harwell of Nashville said she understands the need for medical marijuana, but has opposed recreational.


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How To Find Good Nashville TN Real Estate To Invest In

People come from all over the world to seek fame and fortune in Nashville Tennessee. As the “official” country music capital of the world, Nashville will always have lots of real estate property to invest in, as well as good places to live. The main concern is finding the right Nashville properties that are going to give you a good return on your investment.

Nashville is a transient city with many people coming and going so you can always find great real estate deals. It is a market that can be fickle, but with lots of new construction brings plenty of opportunities to get in on the ground floor. Hopefully, with an emerging economy and the recession behind us, real estate investors and those looking for a home in the Nashville TN area can find very good deals.

If you aren’t familiar with the real estate market in Nashville it is a good idea to speak with a local realtor. Since they know the market and more than likely can tell you what’s trending, it is a great source of information to use their skills. Going into the Nashville market without much knowledge can lead to poor real estate investments since many of the properties tend to older and in need of repair.

With today’s technology and the internet as a good resource, anyone can get a good education about the Nashville market. Just like every city in the United States, there are good values to be had, you just need to know where to look in order to find the deals.

Beautiful Nashville Tennessee is a great place to live and also invest in real estate. With many people coming and going, it is always a great time in Tennessee to be an investor.

Do You Need Animal Certification for Keeping Pet in Luxury Apartments Nashville?

The luxury apartments Nashville are pet friendly but taking the health certification is very important to keep your pets in these apartments. It is compulsory for the security of your pet probably. It will give you help for arranging the right protection.

Tips to pick the best pet confirmation administration

There are numerous approaches to seek the right strategy by picking the right organization. It doesn’t have to try in seeking genuine protection system for your pet’s health. Taking your pet for regular checkup is not sufficient. The management of the building requires the health certificate of your pet.

  1. Search Online

It is one of the most ideal approaches to get the genuine administration. There are a few prestigious sites that are playing out their active role with incredible exertion and genuineness. Trustworthiness and devotion are the genuine methods for execution. They never compromise on their states of honesty. This is the reason they offer different advantages to its clients and give the best chance of affirmation arrangements for pets.

  1. Check time of medical insurance

Continuously check the season of development and time of case for your benefit. Evaluating these terms and conditions will help you in the direction for pet’s health. For this purpose take a medical insurance of your pet. It will not be a burden on your pocket.

  1. Payment

In the circumstance of robbery and the misfortune it is critical to have the cash. In the event of death or mishap the insurance agency ought to need to pay the misfortune add up to you.

Significance of pet’s Health

Keeping pet is very good hobby because you love your pet like your family member. But it must be healthy and does not have a fatal disease. It can be harmful for others specially human being. These luxury apartments Nashville are designed to provide you a lavish life but rules are similar for everyone. Your pet must not be untidy and noisy because it can be the problem for others. If you do not know how to take care of your pet then take the help of the professional website. The health of your pet is as important yours. Go for regular checkup of your pet because any disorder can disturb the health of your other people. It can be the damage of the surrounded area. Be careful while living with pets.

Luxury Apartments Nashville Will Provide You Ample Opportunities

Once you are a part of the city, Luxury Apartments Nashville will provide you ample opportunities. Doesn’t sound appropriate? How can an apartment provide opportunities? Let me explain this being more specific.

For sure to enjoy the facilities of this city, you need to have an apartment. Depending upon your budget you can either buy an apartment or take it on rent. And when you will listen to the option you will go mad to take an apartment for yourself.

Well known with the name ‘Athens of the South’, this place is the Mecca for the student. It shelters thousands of students who come from distant places to get quality education. There are around 21 post graduations and under graduation colleges and universities. Tennessee state university, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University and Lipcomb University are some of the renowned names across the world. Students dream to enroll themselves in these universities and they provide you the quality education apart from the placement opportunities in some big companies.

Secondly if you are a sporty personality and loves to indulge your free time in various sports events, here is the place for you. Baseball, football, golf and what not. You will find a chain of events that are conducted throughout the event. At the college level, various sports league are organized to spark up the sportsman spirit among the people. Hence you could be lucky enough to witness some really fantastic matches. It gives goose bumps to me. How about you?

After getting ample knowledge of the place you are pinning on the map so as to get an apartment for yourself and your family it is the time to enlighten yourself about the apartment.

Luxury Apartments Nashville defines the work ‘Grand’. Yes, there is lavishness in everything it has and everything it avails. The interiors are stupendously fantastical. The furniture speaks of its quality and every of the item is branded. The swimming pool of your own and the tennis court in the community where you can meet up people with a competitive spirit. There is a lot to explore within your area only. You will feel it to be an adventurous experience.

Also you do not have to worry of living without your pets. Since the area is pet friendly you can keep your pet and spend your evenings playing with them. Hence make the right move now and chose a luxury apartment for you now.