"when our mind is peaceful we experience true happiness"

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Weekly Classes

Our classes running in July will cover:

How to solve our inner problems

Find permanent inner peace by overcoming our negative states of mind.

Jul 3  What to do when things go wrong
Jul 10  Dealing with discouragement
Jul 17  Overcoming anxiety
Jul 21  Stress free summer


Why not drop in to one of our weekly classes to learn more about meditation and how we can benefit in our daily life from an understanding of Buddha’s teachings.

We have both daytime and evening classes in many different areas of Manchester.  For more details of our venues and dates see the ‘Classes’ tab on the menu at the top of this page.

Mindfulness Day course

Saturday 6 September 10am – 4pm
with UK National Spiritual Director Kadam Bridget Heyes
at Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester

In the fast pace of our work and personal lives our attention is easily scattered and our mind cluttered with endless distractions. Training in mindfulness gives us the power to overcome disturbing thoughts and to stay focused on what brings peace of mind.
On this day, Kadam Bridget will reveal simple ways of  thinking and meditation techniques that help us to maintain a peaceful, positive mind at work and at home, which will improve both our personal and working relationships as well as our enjoyment of life
Cost £25 (£20 conc)

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